23 March 2020

Popular Sydney Stonemasons Restoring Heritage Buildings Across Sydney

Here at the RJC Group, we specialise in heritage building restoration services. With over 15 years of knowledge, our skilled stonemasons are able to work on period-style structures using traditional materials, and are experienced using the traditional methods of stonemasonry. 

Performing façade restorations in Sydney can be delicate work. Between the required permits, any rare materials, and the aged nature of the façade, stonemasons need to apply a cautious hand while working with heritage buildings. Thankfully, the fantastic project managers at the RJC Group have plenty of experience working with these structures, as we have previously worked on over 130 heritage buildings in Sydney. Our stonemasons are trained to utilise any material necessary, and have previously performed fantastic restoration work on several period-style buildings. As such, you can rest comfortably knowing that we have an intimate knowledge of every traditional stonemasonry technique, and know how to utilise them to great effect while restoring your beautiful building.

The restoration of heritage buildings in Sydney is an important aspect of city life. To help city-goers pay their respects to a city past, the RJC Group hire only the best stonemasons who are experienced working with the traditional materials and methods required to perform heritage building restoration services. To talk to us about how we can help maintain your own piece of Sydney’s history, call 02 8322 1832 today!

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