27 March 2020

Excellent Stonemasonry Contractors in Sydney Preserving An Ancient Art

Stonemasonry has long been a respected art. In the past, people built amazing structures, leaving us relics like the great number of temples and cathedrals that have survived the fall of the ancient world. Today, the RJC Group keeps this art alive via a team of highly skilled stonemasons in Sydney. They work closely with building owners to perform a wide variety of heritage building restoration services, and are doing an excellent job of maintaining the timeless look of the city.

At the RJC Group, our expert Sydney stonemasons provide a thorough service that leaves your building standing tall and proud, a living piece of Sydney’s history. These services range from the basic, such as stone fixing or brick work, to the more complicated, such as heritage façade restoration and cleaning. We’re even licensed to remove lead-based paint from facades, timber, and windows, as well as to remove asbestos from heritage buildings. With the RJC Group, you receive the enter heritage restoration package, with no detail too small to be considered.

Stonemasonry may be an ancient art, but it has not been forgotten. RJC Group’s stonemasons in Sydney are dedicated to maintaining the cities heritage, and with over 15 years of experience across more than 130 buildings, you can be sure we staff the best builders for any job you might require. If you would like to see how the RJC Group can help you, call us on 02 8322 1832.

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