20 March 2020

Highly Skilled Stonemasons in Sydney

RJC Group’s Sydney stonemasons are incredibly skilled, allowing them to execute projects that require specialist skills. Our trained staff are comfortable working with traditional materials for period-style buildings, and are familiar with the traditional methods of the stonemason trade.

When you’re performing stone works in Sydney, the building is likely to have a long history. Our top-class builders are equipped to work with any traditional material the job could require, and we have ample experience working with a multitude of period-style buildings. Over time, our skilled stonemasons came to develop a thorough knowledge of all the traditional stonemasonry methods necessary to restore any beautiful building, and this passion can clearly be seen in everything the RJC Group does.

The RJC Group offers a broad range of stonemasonry services, including sandstone cladding in Sydney. We can perform basic work, such as sandstone carving, stone fixing and potting, or brick and masonry works. However, we are also qualified to perform heritage restoration of windows, and we can remove and replace lead-based paints on facades, timber, and windows. Where required, we’ll even remove asbestos, making sure your heritage site is as safe as possible while remaining true to its history.

If you’re looking for a stonemason in Sydney, look no further than the RJC Group. We provide excellent stonemasonry services in a respectful manner, and we value all heritage properties, irrespective of whether or not they are officially heritage listed. When you’re ready to see how we can help you maintain your very own piece of history, call 02 8322 1832.

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