13 March 2020

Heritage Facades Restoration in Sydney

With Stonemasonry at the core of our services here at RJC Group, Heritage Façade Restoration in Sydney is the skill we have become known for. Our services and skillsets in this arena are unrivalled, employing some of the most skilled and experienced Sydney Stonemasons.

Partnering with some of Sydney’s largest construction groups, our contractors are regularly employed for maintenance and heritage building restoration services. Our skillset allows us to seamlessly restore stone facades, with the appropriate materials, tools and attention to detail. To support this, our Stonemasons work in a respectful and ethical manner with the success of the project at the forefront.

For large scale heritage stone restoration in Sydney, you can trust RJC Group with your Stonemasonry requirements. We will endeavour to work with your schedule to ensure we deliver our promise of excellence in a timely and professional manner.

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