24 July 2020

Restoring Heritage Buildings Is Simple with The Best Sydney Stonemasons

Derelict heritage buildings are not uncommon sights. The façade of the building might be overgrown by weeds and grass, the structural integrity of the building may no longer be sound, or there may be large chunks of the walls and roof missing altogether. Whatever the issue may be, restoring these heritage buildings may seem like a daunting task – however, with the best stonemasonry contractors in Sydney, the RJC Group, it’s actually rather simple.

At the RJC Group, our team of Sydney stonemasons specialise in heritage restoration. We have more than a decade of experience, having completed more than 130 projects in our expansive history as the leading stonemasons in Sydney. Our team combines their extensive knowledge of building and construction with the latest in curative techniques to provide a comprehensive set of heritage restoration services that ensure the building is restored as efficiently and effectively as possible, while also meeting all heritage guidelines and requirements. When you need experts in stonemasonry in Sydney to restore your heritage building, you can rely on the RJC Group.

While abandoned and neglected heritage buildings may be a common sight in Sydney, they don’t need to be. With the RJC Group, you’ll be able to easily restore your derelict building to its former glory. To speak with our team about what we can do for you, call us on 02 8322 1832.

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