6 July 2020

If You're Looking for A Sydney Stonemason to Restore Your Heritage Building, The RJC Group Can Help

If it’s not appropriately maintained over time, a building will fall into disrepair. If your building has begun to succumb to the elements, you’ll need a team of Sydney stonemasons you can trust to restore it, such as the RJC Group.

Our team of stonemasonry contractors in Sydney are an invaluable asset to anyone attempting to perform heritage restoration in the city. We have extensive experience across more than 130 projects in the past 15 years, and as such, you can be sure we work efficiently while maintaining all heritage intricacies, requirements, and guidelines. Thanks to our experience, our team is able to perform any required works, including façade coating, grouting and repair systems, and rising damp repairs, among others. Our team combines our comprehensive knowledge of building and construction techniques with the latest in curative techniques and technologies to ensure our work is completed to a high regard. When you’re restoring a heritage building and you need an expert in stonemasonry in Sydney, you can rely on the RJC Group to get the job done.

Regularly performing the correct maintenance is the only way to prevent a building from falling into disrepair, but if the building is already damaged, a dependable stonemasonry contractor in Sydney can help you restore it. Thankfully, the RJC Group has years of experience as the leading stonemasons in Sydney, and can help restore any building. To see how we can help you, call us on 02 8322 1832.   

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